Top 5 Reasons to Have Professional Senior Portraits Taken

This time of year brings about major change not only in the weather and foliage but also in the lives of many students and parents alike. Graduating seniors are preparing for their last summer before they pack up and ship out to college. An entire other group of students are chomping at the bit to be the top dogs in school as new seniors. Meanwhile, parents are befuddled on where the time went as their students are now all grown up. In this article, we discuss the Top 5 Reasons to Have Professional Senior Portraits Taken.

1. You deserve to celebrate YOU

You have worked hard over 12 years to get where you are — classes, sports, extracurricular activities, late nights cramming for tests. You deserve to have a laid back and fun experience to showcase the person you have become. Why not have a professional capture you in the light you put off?

2. Make a statement

Graduating from high school is your first step out the door and into the real world. Why not make it a bold and powerful step? Years ago, parents used to just throw a suit or a dress on their high school senior and take them to have some cheesy photos taken in a dungy studio with the same generic poses. That doesn’t tell the world who you are. A professional photographer will make the extra steps to help ensure they capture YOUR style in a setting that fits you and not their own.

3. The moment is now

The preparation and build up to get to this point in your life has been long and drawn out.   Although it seemed like an eternity to get here, this moment will pass in a blink of an eye. One day you will wake up and another 12 years will have passed. You will think back and cherish this moment. Why not have a professional document it?

4. Details matter

Have you ever had someone take your picture and when it hits Facebook you see it and think “aww man, what’s wrong with my face” because you’re blinking or not paying attention? Maybe the wind blew your hair crazy and now you look like Donald Trump. A professional will see the details before the image is captured to ensure you look your best. They will often have a team that will be extra sets of eyes to make sure everything on you looks perfect. A professional will often times have lighting equipment or other tools to make sure the light is just right. Don’t let that intimidate you. They even have tricks up their sleeves to fix things they may have missed during your session.

5. The pride and joy of mom and dad

Many have this false notion that senior portraits are only about the student. You’re not the only one who is proud of you and your accomplishments. Mom and dad are coming to the reality of the fact that you’re becoming an adult. In a matter of months, you’ll be moving away and starting a new chapter of your life. So are they and this isn’t easy for them. This is why it is so important to hire a professional who assists with ordering prints for their homes. Looking at their walls everyday and seeing beautiful images of you will comfort and reassure them you’re out to change the world.

Graduating high school is a special milestone in everyone’s lives. Especially in and around St. Louis, where you went to high school might as well be part of your name. Have this moment in your life documented. You’re only a senior once so do it right and hire a professional who is going to do more than just snap the basic photos. Hire someone who will invest in you as much as you do them.

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